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Residential Service


Residential Services



Since 1972, East Coast Waste Services has excelled in residential customer service, with over 2500 residential clients in northern Nassau County.  


Long or narrow driveway?  No problem!

Most of the homes we service have very long driveways.  This requires us to drive up the driveway instead of the homeowner bringing the pails down to the street.  East Coast Waste Services uses compact garbage trucks that weigh less and maneuver better than full sized trucks to get the job done right every time.


Clean and neat!

No matter how hard you try to keep them out, animals always seem to find a way into the trash!  That’s why all of our drivers carry a broom and shovel to make sure your property is clean and neat after each visit.  This means cleaning up any mess left by raccoons, and placing the covers back on your pails before we leave.  That’s the East Coast Waste Services way!